Monday, May 8, 2017

An Early Mother's Day Gift

          Mother's Day is this weekend. Now I know my family believes that it is hard to find me a gift. Phil especially says he never knows what to get me.  I don't understand how this happens. I start hinting months in advance. Maybe I start hinting too early....maybe he forgets by the time Mother's Day rolls around...maybe he doesn't hear me.
         This year we decided to have a garden made in our backyard. We brought a garden bench from our other house. The bench sat alone in the yard last year. Even though I added some large flower pots along side of the bench it still looked out of place. I thought it would be nice to have a garden planted around the bench. We hired our local gardener George to create the garden. Last week I saw the plans for the garden. It was just what I had imagined...Hydrangeas and other perennials flanking the bench. A small patio created out of stones for the bench to sit on. George would  also leave some space for me to work in some annuals. To say I was excited would be an understatement!!  I was sure that this design would be more money than we expected to spend. I was sure it would be way too expensive. Phil told George the price was fine. When could he start? The date was set for this week.
           In anticipation of the new garden I decided to have Phil paint the bench. I chose this bright pink. I thought it was pink...I wanted a bright pink. As Phil stirred the paint in the can I told myself it would look much different on the bench. Well maybe it would look better with a second coat. Phil didn't say he didn't like it because he thought I had a vision that he just couldn't see yet. I decided to have Phil bring the bench into the yard thinking that the color might look better in the sunlight. Well it didn't!!!  We both agreed that it looks awful! I never seem to have much luck choosing colors that are usually out of my comfort zone!!
           Phil is my photographer for my blog. He refused to take a picture of the bench for this post. That says it all!!!! We will repaint!
          The garden is my Mother's Day Gift. I guess Phil does listens to me more than I know,. He knows what makes me happy!!!  
          I will post pictures of the garden when completed.
          Thank you Phil for the beautiful gift!! I love you!!