Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Pansies

Happy Monday!

                 Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We had a very busy weekend!
          We were able to visit with our children and grandchildren. What a Wonderful weekend!!!

                  I planted the first pansies of the season. This is the first  flower I plant every spring.
         I plant pansies in honor of my Grandfather Frank. They were his favorite flower. I remember him planting them every spring. Grandpa planted all different color pansies in the front yard of our home. My grandfather was an avid gardener. He began in the spring with his pansies. It was the beginning of his favorite time of the year...the beginning of the gardening season. He may have began with pansies but I remember all the beautiful flower gardens at our home. Grandpa spent ever minute of his days off in the garden. It was his great love....To this day each member of my family plant pansies in their garden in honor or Grandpa Frank. I know my love of flowers comes from my grandfather. I think of him often especially when I'm working in the garden!!

Spring Pansies

                                                                      Welcome Spring

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