Saturday, January 21, 2017

For the Love of Toile!

Hello Everyone!

      Well it's Saturday!! Where did the week go? We've had a week of cloudy ,foggy, rainy weather.  It was a great week to catch-up on housework. I also spent many hours enjoying all those magazines that I put aside during the holidays. I love a good decorating magazine. It's where I get most of my ideas. They have a way of transporting me to another place. When Phil sees me sitting with a pile of magazines he gets this worried look. He knows it means I'm going to make changes in the décor.
.........I don't think he'll ever get used to it!!!

     Today I'm going to talk about something I love...Toile

     Just a little history....
The word toile can refer to Toile de Jouy- this is a printed fabric often depicting a romantic pastoral theme in simple repeat. The pattern is a one-color print usually black, blue, or dark red on an off white or unbleached ground. Originally produced in Ireland in the mid 18th century they became very popular in Britain and France. The phrase Toile de Jouy refers to a town in the south-west suburbs of Paris.
    I love using this fabric in my home. It is not only pretty to look at it is easy to decorate with. Toile blends beautifully with plaids, checks and stripes It makes matching fabrics in a room easy. In fact most Toile fabrics have coordinating fabrics.The patterns on the fabric is what I love the most. Romantic pastoral scenes are my favorite. They show the life of the people of the time. They tell a story. Many times a love story- courtship,a proposal, a picnic and so many more. There also are scenes with animals and children in many different  color combinations.Something for everyone And something for every home.
     I believe the master of using Toile fabric in decorating is Charles Faudree. He was a decorator that was noted for his Country French design. In my opinion no one did Toile as well as he did. I have learned so much from his many books.
   Below I'd like to share a few pictures of the Toile that is in my home.
                                                     I never have enough!!
Bedroom Pillows

Bathroom Shower Curtain

Dining Room Chair



  1. Love your blog!! I always said you need to do interior design professionally. xoxo