Monday, January 9, 2017

Thoughts for the New Year...

Happy Monday!
    Today my thoughts are on the changes I would like to make to our home. I have a million ideas in my head. All I have to do is put them into action. In fact that is one of my New Year resolutions for 2017...To FINISH what I start. I have many half finished projects and a million more in my head that never even were started. I need a Plan!!!   
My Aunt Sara, always made decorating seem so easy. She loved the whole process of putting a room together either in her own home or her clients, She had many beautiful homes in her day. I remember about six of them. Each one more beautiful than the last. I was amazed at how they all seemed so different, even though she used the same furnishing in each home. The fact that she loved what she owned was one of her qualities I admired. She would recover a piece of furniture or add a few new antiques but never start over with new furniture. Aunt Sara remodeled new and old homes. My favorite was a home on Long Island. It was built by a shipbuilder for his family in 1850.
When Aunt Sara finished decorating that home it was restored to the beauty it once was. It was warm and cozy rich with history. I believe it was her favorite too.
So why are my thoughts on my Aunt Sara today? As I begin this New Year to complete making this new home feel warm and inviting I can't help to remember what she taught me through her words or example.
Some time ago my Aunt Sara agreed to help me renovate our master bedroom. She had a vision for this room. We walked around the room together as she shared her vision with me. I was in such
 awe of how she was going to transform this bedroom. Her vision became a plan as she showed me a new layout for the furniture, and the fabric we would use for the new drapes and bedding. Her plan was set into action as we together moved the furniture and installed the new draperies  and bedding. The completed bedroom was so beautiful!! I only wish I had pictures to show you. That was before iphones.

Today my goal is put into practice what my aunt taught me. I have a vision for our new townhouse I will create a plan from that vision . Most importantly I will put that plan into action.

I am looking forward to sharing this vision and plan with you on this blog.

Thank you Aunt Sara! Miss you!!

                                                       - Sue-

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