Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hi Everyone!
      I Hope you had a great weekend. Our weekend was cold and cloudy. I'm starting to get used to the fact that the  weather up here is very different from Long Island....The weather forecast for North Eastern PA is usually the same everyday... cold, cloudy with a chance of snow showers.....

        Today's post is about adding antiques and vintage pieces to your rooms.

    I have been visiting antique shops for many years. Something I just love to do. I don't know why I love to wander around antique shops. It's more than adding an antique or vintage piece to my home. I find the hunt fascinating and interesting. Looking at and admiring pieces that others used in their home long ago. Some of the items were used for everyday living and others were for beauty. I wonder how some of these items wind up in an antique shop.  Did the owners not  have any use for them? Did the family members that inherited them think they were old fashioned and outdated? Maybe there wasn't anyone left and the houses contents went to auction. For what ever reason they are left behind. I will give these treasures a new home.
   Most times I don't usual have anything in mind to buy. but I always leave with at least one new treasure.

     There are so many antique shops where we live.  Last week we went to Lewisburg, Pa. There were two giant antique shops..three floors high...over 100 vendors. I thought I died and went to heaven!!! 

    I believe adding antiques to a room adds another layer of design and beauty. They add a warmth and a sense of history. In my opinion there isn't any new item that has the patina of an antique. There are no right and wrongs when looking for antique or vintage items for your home. Buy what you love! Buy what speaks to you! When you love it you will find a place for it.

       Every antique we bring into our home preserves a little piece of history.

     Below are a few pictures of some of the antiques and vintage pieces I have in our home.

Some I found and others were gifts. My daughter-in-law Lisa and I share the love of antiques. She has given me some of the most beautiful pieces I own.




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